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Among the local celebrations, the most notable is the Pilgrimage of San Benito, on the first Sunday of July, where people from all of Tenerife come. The other great civilian and religious celebration is the Festivity of Christ, on the 14th of September, with a spectacular exhibition of artificial fireworks. Also Our Lady of la Esperanza on January 18th and the Patron Festivities on August 17th.

These are Festivities of great tradition and of special devotion are the Corpus Festivity and Holy Week.

The hearts of Tejina, at the end of August, is a great popular Festivity, where each neighbourhood brings out its Heart, which is decorated by covering it in bread, cakes and fruits. It is carried on the shoulders of the men, followed by a lively parade.

Calendar of Popular Festivities in La Laguna
January 17th Festivity of San Antonio
February - March Tenerife Carnival
Holy Friday Holy week. Magna Procession. Friday Late at night. Cristo de La Laguna
Second Sunday in May Pilgrimage of San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza. Valle de Guerra
May 15th Pilgrimage of San Isidro. Guamasa
Last Sunday in May Festivity of Isidro and Santa María de la Cabeza. Las Mercedes
June 2nd Corpus Christi. Carpets
First Sunday in July Pilgrimage San Benito Abad. National Tourist Interest Festivity.
Second and third week in July Our Lady of Carmen. Punta de Hidalgo
July 27th San Cristóbal Festivity
Last week in July and first week in August Our Lady of Lourdes. La Verdellada
Last two weeks in August San Bartolomé or Festivity of the Hearts. Tejina
Second and third week in August Holy Christ of God’s Great Power. Baja mar
First Sunday in September Santa Rosa de Lima. Guamasa
September 14 – 29th Festivity of Santísimo Cristo de la Laguna and San Miguel de Arcangel
First two weeks in October Our Lady of El Rosario. Valle de Guerra. La Librea

The manufacture of traditional costumes are characteristic of this municipality as well as thereproduction of aborigine ceramic pieces. The variety of crafts activities are endless, most outstanding are the lace work, embroidery, metal works, musical instruments, cane cages and wood work.

Cultural Interest Centres

La Laguna Athenaeum

Phone: 922 259 822

Ossuna House Museum

Phone: 922 250 592

Culture Delegation. Publications Unit. La Laguna Guildhall

Phone: 922 601 100

Canary Institute of Studies

Phone: 922 250 592

Tenerife Anthropology Museum. Carta House. Valle de Guerra

Phone: 922 546 300

History Museum of Tenerife. Lercaro House

Calle San Agustín, 22

Phone: 922 825 942

Science and Cosmos Museum

Avenida de Los Menceyes

Phone: 922 315 265

Cultural Information Office: Culture Council of San Cristóbal de La Laguna Guildhall

Phone: 922 601 150

Orfeón La Paz

Phone: 922 252 920

Tourist Information Point. Plaza del Adelantado

Free guided tours

Phone: 922 631 194

Friends of Tenerife Royal Economic Society

Phone: 922 250 010

Conca Room. Plaza de la Concepción

Phone: 922 252 525

Exhibits Room. Caja Canarias

Phone: 922 253 428

Exhibits Room. Temple of San Miguel

Plaza Adelantado, 7

Phone: 922 632 086

Exhibits Room. Institute Cabrera Pinto

Calle San Agustín

Phone: 922 250 742

Exhibits Room. Ex-convent of Santo Domingo

Phone: 922 601 150

Exhibits Room.La Caixa Calle la Carrera

Phone: 922 261 112

Exhibits Room. Murnó

Calle Cabrera Pinto

Phone: 649 299 498

Tenerife Diocesan Seminar

Phone: 922 252 540

Leal Theatre

Calle Herradores

Phone: 922 259 617

La Laguna University

Phone: 922 319 000

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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